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Athletic Therapeutic Kinesiology Tape

That’s no typo! Welcome to your home, PerformTex™ and your line of products. Where your company is committed to helping you take your goals to that next level. Whether your obstacle is rebuilding performance post-injury, relieving that chronic or nagging pain, or maintaining your fitness and lifestyle objectives, PerformTex™ is with you every step of the way.

Over the last 20 years, the physical therapy and chiropractic community slowly began embracing the study of kinesiology and the new and innovative modality known as kinesiology tape. Its uni-directional stretch and elastic properties where similar to that of human skin and its therapeutic effects in muscle treatment could be seen on the athletic field as well as on a table.

The physical therapy and chiropractic markets were first to realize that, when applied correctly, the one-way elastic stretch and recoil of the tape could provide a residual therapeutic benefit to the soft tissue treatments they performed in office. It wasn’t long after that athletic enthusiasts realized that they could improve performance in athletic competition by employing the tape as well.

At first, there were few options as to where to buy kinesiology tape. Now there are many online choices. One of the biggest differences between brands is the adhesive system. The PerformTex™ system rises to the top by utilizing a patented twin-groove pattern in its powerful adhesive that actually aids in removing trapped sweat and moisture, allowing the elastic tape to stay on longer for more therapeutic benefit well after the visit to the chiropractors or therapists is over.
Today, PerformTex™ continues to expand its line with such products as elastic compression supports for the athletic and fitness enthusiast, as well as mats and therapeutic rollers commonly employed in the chiropractic and therapy worlds.

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